Environmental Science in New York City and Beyond

Baruch’s Environmental Science faculty conduct research in the local boroughs of NYC and in locations around the world. Research projects focus on topics such as nutrient cycling in coastal communities, why and how organisms glow, and the development of animal behaviors and include field, lab, and modeling components. Our research produces a novel understanding of biological and physical processes and demonstrates the biological significance, economic importance, and ecological complexity of local and global ecosystems. We also work to apply our research to questions of natural resource management and share results with various stakeholder groups. Current projects in the department include coordination with NYC Parks and the Billion Oyster Project.

Undergraduate students with an interest in environmental science have multiple ways to engage with the program. CUNY Students can complete their Pathways requirements (Life and Physical Sciences & Scientific World) by completing the ENV 1003 & 1004 paired courses. Students can also minor in Environmental Sustainability, Natural Science, or create ad hoc major that integrates environmental science with fields like law, journalism, or economics. Students can also use the Biological Sciences major to focus on ecology and evolution courses through advanced course offerings.

Undergraduate students are also encouraged to take part in research under faculty mentorship. Oppurtunities exist in the fall, spring, and summer semesters, including paid internships such as the LSAMP program and BUEE. Many of our faculty also accept graduate students through the CUNY Graduate Center Program in Biology, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology subsection. Students interested in research (graduate or undergraduate) should contact faculty to inquire about open positions.