Registration Instructions for Non-Majors

Departmental permission is no longer needed to register for Natural Sciences Pathways (non-major) courses. Starting Spring 2024, you can register for whichever laboratory course and whichever lecture course you wish; they are no longer co-requisites.

Completing your pathways requirements:  All students must satisfy two science requirements:

1. Scientific World – This requirement is satisfied by the completing a lecture course (for example: BIO1011, ENV 1003, CHM 1003, PHY 1003). 

2. Life and Physical Sciences – This requirement is satisfied by the completing a lab course (for example: BIO 1012, ENV 1004, CHM 1004, PHY 1004)

(If you need both “Life and Physical Sciences” (a laboratory course) and “Scientific World” (a lecture plus recitation course), you do not need departmental permission to register for these courses.)

If you need ONLY a “Life and Physical Sciences” (lab course), you do NOT need departmental permission.

If you need ONLY a “Scientific World” (a lecture plus recitation course), you do NOT need departmental permission.

If you have completed one of these requirements (likely via a credit you transferred to Baruch), check on DEGREE WORKS.

1. If you already have credit for Scientific World, you may sign up for Life & Physical Sciences.

2. If you have credit for Life & Physical Sciences, you may sign up for Scientific World.

If you aren’t sure if have completed either of these requirements

Complete the survey found @ so we can help you process your request.

Registration Instructions for Majors and Minors in science

When you entered Baruch, you may have indicated that you intend to major in Biological Sciences.  You must file a Major/Specialization Form to make that official and make class registration easier.  The form can be filled out early in your Baruch career and is a plan for future coursework.  It can be changed and resubmitted at a later time.  The final version must match the courses on your transcript.  Please e-mail Dr. Zully Santiago for the form and guidance (

If you have completed the major form or a related minor, you should now be able to register for a science course, without permission, if you have completed the prerequisite courses.  Only Biochemistry (CHM 4900) and Microbiology (BIO 4004) require permission.

Be aware that science courses have prerequisites that you must have completed and co-requisites that you can be taking simultaneously or have completed.  This ensures that you have the background needed to do well in the advanced courses.  You can look up course requirements in the Baruch Undergraduate Bulletin:

If you need permissions or help, please fill out the online form ( and indicate your course registration choices.

Do you need an honors section?

Honors students (Macaulay, Baruch, and Provost Scholars) may request an honors section of advanced science courses. You should inform the professor that you would like to take the course for honors credit; in most cases there will be honors-worthy extra assignments.  The faculty members should send the names of any students who will be contracting Honors in their sections to Ms. Harmony Osei, Assistant Director of the Honors Program.  She will be tracking Honors contracts and will email the faculty members at the end of the semester to ensure that the contracted pieces were successfully completed.