Undergraduate students with an interest in environmental science have multiple ways to engage with the program. CUNY Students can complete their Pathways requirements (Life and Physical Sciences & Scientific World) by completing the ENV 1003 & 1004 paired courses. Students can also minor in Environmental Sustainability, Natural Science, or create ad hoc major that integrates environmental science with fields like law, journalism, or economics. Students can also use the Biological Sciences major to focus on ecology and evolution courses through advanced course offerings.

Registering for Classes

For help with registration and permissions for courses, please email Sonia.Donaldson@baruch.cuny.edu and Jennifer.Escobar@baruch.cuny.edu. They will need your EMP ID #. Be specific as to the course and section you would like.

If you are registering for a Pathways pair of co-requisite science courses, made sure that the section codes for recitation/lecture (L) and lab match, e.g. STRA for recitation and STRA for lab. If you need just one part, the stand-alone sections end with the letter X and you need permission.