Ad Hoc Majors

An Ad hoc major requires 30-33 credits with a minimum of 24 credits in liberal arts and sciences. It must include two different disciplines with three courses coming from each (9-13 credits/ discipline). Environmental Studies is an ideal area for Ad hoc majors due to its inter-disciplinary nature. The major environmental issues of our time cannot be solved through the lens of one discipline alone, instead environmental leaders will need to build bridges between disciplines to develop effective solutions. Ad hoc majors in Environmental Studies can obtain skills to become leaders in environmental science, policy, economics, social issues, and communication. For example, some possible Ad hoc majors in Environmental Studies include

Under the new registrar changes for Ad hoc majors (effective Spring 2019), the title of the student’s major will be listed on his/her transcript. In the past the student would have “Ad hoc major” listed on their transcript with no specific title/details for the major.

Students interested in Environmental Engineering or combining Environmental Studies other disciplines that may be unavailable at Baruch College are advised to learn more about the CUNY Baccalaureate for Unique and Interdisciplinary Studies (CUNYBA) program.

For more information, contact Professor Chester Zarnoch