env Classes

Introductory level (Sustainability Minor Prerequisite)


Upper Division (count towards sustainability minor)

ENV/BIO 3001: Intro to Environmental Science

ENV/BIO 3002: Energy Conservation

ENV/BIO 3008: Air and Water Pollution

ENV/BIO 3020: Biology of Invertrebrates

ENV/BIO 3030: History and Evolution of Life

ENV/BIO 3032: Animal Behavior

Capstone Courses (1 required for SUSTAINABILITY minor)

ENV 4900: Topics in Environmental Science

IDC 40X0: The Susan Locke Interdisciplinary Capstone in Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change

related Classes offered by other departments

count towards SUSTAINABILITY minor

CIS 3700 Green IT

ECO 3511 Contemporary Economic Development

GEOG 3009 Introduction to Human Geography

GEOG 3036 World Regional Geography

JRN 3800 Environmental Reporting

LAW 3122 Law and the Environment*

LAW 3400 Law, Business and Sustainability*

PAF 3442 The Environment, Political Choices, and Public Policy

PHI 3200 Environmental Ethics

POL 3317 The Politics of Energy and the Environment